Alexander Selkirk
Captain Corn

An excellent documentary on the real-life inspiration for Daniel Defoe’s novel Robinson Crusoe…

The Fajr Prayer and The Gregorian Chants
Prester John

What most people don’t realize is that praying to Muhammad and Allah is NOT in direct opposition to the Lord Almighty or Christ himself. In fact… Allah and God are one and the same – they are both the God of Abraham. We must all learn to understand and accept each other in this realm and world, and recognize our similarities rather than our differences.

These historical and modern battles over oil and wealth are perpetuated by the rich amongst our cultures, not the poor as Jesus and Muhammad once walked with. The message of these holy men was one of peace and unity, not of division and separation. Only once the Lionhearted of Christianity and the Jihadists of Islam can take enough time to pause and see the commonalities between each other will this world progress to the final stages of sheer holiness and enlightenment. Amen.

Start your morning with the Muslim Fajr prayer
Follow your first morning prayer with the Gregorian Chants